Mikki Sulle

New campaign tackles youth inclusion!

Raakel Kumpunen
Aishah Muhammed & Umaima Tebbai
Why make a change? Moniheli is encouraging young people from two cultures to reflect on their own inclusion in a new campaign!

On 6 June, we will launch a social media campaign to challenge young people from two cultures to reflect on the importance of inclusion and how they can make a difference. The campaign is part of Moniheli's Mikki Sulle project, which aims to empower young people from two cultures to make their voices heard in society. The campaign also includes the participation of social media influencers Princess Aishah and Umaima Tebbai, who shed light on the experiences of young people with an immigrant background on their own social media channels.

Aishah Muhammed, known on TikTok and Instagram as @PrincessAishah, works as a nurse and believes it is important for young women to see examples of women from African backgrounds in Finnish working life. Aishah's content highlights the everyday prejudices and challenges she faces in her work. She believes that being visible on social media also helps her to meet patients from the same background.

Umaima Tebbai also works in the care sector. Through Tiktok videos, she presents her own perspectives, experiences and situations that reflect the everyday life of a nurse. Umaima's goal is to contribute and develop our society as a young woman from two cultures. "The campaign immediately felt like my own, because participation and influence in our society is very important to me. I want to share with you my own experiences, perspectives and at the same time I am happy to hear how every wonderful individual can make a difference and improve things."

Inclusion prevents exclusion

The proportion of young people in Finland who are growing up between two cultures is increasing, as the population growth in Finland is mainly due to immigration. Young people's participation in decision-making and society is often strengthened through various youth councils and council races involving the most advantaged young people. Inequality in Finland has long been increasing, with a widening gap between the most well-off and the least well-off. According to Statistics Finland, young people with an immigrant background are five times more likely to be marginalised than young people from the so-called 'majority population'.

As part of the current government's National Programme for Democracy 2025, the aim is to develop the participation of young people with multiple backgrounds (Männistö & Pulkkinen, 2021.) Promoting inclusion is one of the key objectives of the Finnish government and the European Union, as it is an important way to combat poverty, prevent exclusion and reduce inequality (Valkola, 2020.)

Join the campaign!

You can participate in our campaign by posting a video or videos answering one of the following questions:

  • When was the last time you intervened in something that you think is wrong?
  • What would you like to change?
  • How could others (for example, your school, workplace or even your parents) support and help you to be heard?


Add the tag #UskallaVaikuttaa to your post!


More information:


Raakel Kumpunen, Communications Planner
+358 (0)50 438 5568

Liban Ismail, Expert, Mikki Sulle Project
+358 (0)50 339 9578




Männistö & Pulkkinen, 2021: https://api.hankeikkuna.fi/asiakirjat/b90db14e-6790-41d1-82bb-056437530015/f3f576f9-2d3e-40d6-a4d3-3c8e3604b92d/KIRJE_20211229132526.PDF

Valkola, 2020: https://jyx.jyu.fi/bitstream/handle/123456789/69859/URN%3aNBN%3afi%3ajyu-202006104101.pdf?sequence=-1&isAllowed=y

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