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An association registered in Finland that accepts the Moniheli values can become a member association of the network. A member association can use Moniheli services (e.g. guidance and counselling, trainings, applying for Moniheli grants) and participate in the network's activities (general assemblies, board, networking and advocacy). The annual membership fee is 25€ and the cost of joining is 25€.

Apply to become a member association by filling in the form:


Checking your association's eligibility

Fill and send the form below. You will receive an email message, where we ask for certain documents. Send the documents as an answer to the email. We will check them and let you know within a week if your association is eligible.


Filling your association's information

Once we have checked your association's documents, you will receive a message from us to your email address. The message contains a link to a form, fill it with your association's contact and billing information. 


Approving your application

Moniheli's board approves member applications in its monthly meeting. Remember to fill the form sent to you! Without it, the board cannot approve your association as a member. We will contact you once the decision is made, and we will add your association to our member registry and send you the registration and membership fee bill.


Planning our cooperation

Once your membership fee is paid, we will be in touch to get to know your association better. We will send a survey link, which you can fill independently or in a meeting with one of our employees. The information will be used to create your public profile on our website and offer you suitable services and opportunities.

We will send messages related to your membership application in the language of your choice. Later, representatives and members of the organisation can create accounts and choose the language in which they receive messages.
These attachments are mandatory. If you need help with the attachments, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone on 044 717 0225.
These attachments are not mandatory, but they help us to understand what your association is like. Annual report
- OR -
Action plan
- OR -
The association's finances
If you would like us to send a PDF invoice to an address other than the contact person's address, please fill in the billing information here. Moniheli does not send invoices by post.
- OR -
Enter the contact details of the person who will act as your contact person during the membership application process. We will only use this person's contact information during the application process. Members of the member association will create their own accounts once the association is approved.
Click Send to save your details. New member associations are approved once a month by Moniheli's board. We will contact you once your association's application has been processed. If you have any questions, please contact us at