Advocacy work

Moniheli actively lobbies with and on behalf of its multicultural member organisations. The aim of the lobbying is to bring the voice of people of immigrant backgrounds into decision-making, so that these new Finns are equally represented in our society.

Moniheli and its network currently consist of high-demand partners in various cooperation bodies, advisory boards, and projects that promote multiculturalism and immigrant integration. Moniheli is often represented in these by a member of the organisation's board.

The Moniheli network promotes open public debate, participates in various public events, and makes statements on multiculturalism.

Representation in cooperation bodies

One of Moniheli's main tasks is to do advocacy work. This is achievedby building bridges between its network and authorities as well otheractors in public administration, businesses, and the third sector.Moniheli is a key actor the eld of immigrant integration.

The Moniheli network is currently represented in the following cooperation bodies:
  • Avoimen hallinnon III toimintaohjelman toimeenpanon hankeryhmä, Valtiovarainministeriö
  • Digi arkeen neuvottelukunta, Valtiovarainministeriö
  • Espoon monikulttuuriasiain -neuvottelukunta, Espoon kaupunki
  • Etnisten suhteiden neuvottelukunta, valtakunnallinen (ETNO), Oikeusministeriö
  • Etnisten suhteiden neuvottelukunta, Etelä-Suomi (ETNO), Uudenmaan ELY-keskus
  • Helsingin kaupungin osallisuuden ja vuorovaikutuksen neuvottelukunta, Helsingin kaupunki
  • Kansalaisyhteiskuntapolitiikan neuvottelukunta (KANE), Oikeusministeriö
  • Selkokielen neuvottelukunta, Selkokeskus
  • Yhdenvertaisuusvaltuutetun neuvottelukunta, Oikeusministeriö
  • Sisäministeriön hallinnonalan konsernistrategian tukiverkosto

The Moniheli network is involved in various public events to promote a diverse and equal Finland.

Each May, Moniheli traditionally gathers its member organisations and other partners to promote diversity in its multicultural Finland tent at the World Village Festival in Helsinki.

In the summer, Moniheli and its partners organise discussion events on current topics related to immigration and integration at SuomiAreena in Pori.

On 6 December every year, Moniheli encourages people to multiculturally celebrate Finland's Independence Day.


Moniheli makes statements to correct or advance issues it considers important on behalf of its network, and often with its various partners.