Data Protection at Moniheli

Moniheli ry collects personal data for different purposes: the contact information of a member association's contact person in order to maintain membership on the Membership Register; the registration information of non-members for Moniheli events, either on paper or electronically for purposes of monitoring and evaluation; the necessary information to provide assistance for the duration of the service; newsletter subscribers' contact information on the Mailchimp service; job applications in their specific mailbox at the possible future vacancies; employee information on the Netvisor service in order to maintain employment; and necessary information and contact details for queries and clarifications with the permission of the participant.


Purposes of the use of the data in the register and the categories of data


The Member Register is maintained for purposes of digital communication to members, statistics and the provision of member services. The contact details of member associations are stored on the website system maintained by Yhdistysavain ry and, where applicable, payment details are stored on the service, which is accessible only to Moniheli employees, each with a personal login. The following personal data are collected in the Member Register: name of contact person, e-mail address, postal code, password (not visible), and customer relationship information such as payment details. The data is collected from each member directly into the system, by email, telephone, form, mobile app, or other similar means, entered by the data processor, and through the use of cookies or other similar technologies.

  1. For each event for which attendance data is collected, the attendance lists are either kept in the paper version in a locked room, or scanned and the scanned versions are stored in the Moniheli cloud, accessible only to the people responsible for each activity, the Executive Director and the IT Manager. Participant information consists of name, email address, phone number and, as of 2017, age group and gender. Attendance lists for various events and activities are kept for reporting purposes for the period required for each funding decision.
  2. Subscriber information for the newsletter delivered by Moniheli is stored in the MailChimp system, accessible only by the person responsible for communication and the Executive Director, with the association's ID. This information is collected directly from subscribers via the form and by monitoring the opening of emails.
  3. Other people who have other relevant connection with our activities and from whom we receive contact information are stored in the Outlook mailboxes of the respective employees, in the Sharepoint cloud service and/or in the OneDrive folder on the employees' computers behind a password. This personal data includes name, email address, telephone number, place of residence and other information as necessary on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Job applications are stored in a dedicated, password-protected email box, accessible only to members of the Moniheli Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Data Protection Officer and the Heads of Operations. Applications are held during the recruitment process and after its completion for possible future recruitment, unless the applicant requests otherwise.
  5. Workers ' personal data: address, employment contracts salary information, health information and vacation information are on file in the operations manager personal password behind the personal OneDrive cloud service. Employees salary payment to the account office of economic advisor Ltd. Wage payment information, you are in the payroll system, Netvisor, which only has access to the accounting office workers as well as the director of operations on the personal bank code help.
  6. Data collected in surveys and studies with the permission of the participants is collected via SurveyMonkey and stored in the Sharepoint cloud and/or OneDrive folder on employees' computers behind a password.

We will retain your data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes set out above, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Each data subject has the right to request Moniheli to delete all data from the register by informing the Data Protection Officer in writing. However, we may be obliged to retain some of your personal data in order to comply with accounting or other mandatory legislation.


Data Protection Officer at Moniheli


The Data Protection Officer is the Executive Director Abdirahim Hussein,,
+358 (0) 45 8992522.

Moniheli ry, Kuortaneenkatu 1, 7.krs. 00520 Helsinki

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