You can also be part of the change to make Finland a better place for everyone to live. Find out how you can support our mission, whether you are an individual, a representative of an organisation, or a business owner. Everyone can help, even with a small contribution!

Kuusi ihmistä hymyilee ja seisoo rivissä ja katsoo puhelinta tai tietokonetta.

Participate in our activities

Our activities are open to all, but membership provides more opportunities for interaction and cooperation. Moniheli membership is open to organisations registered in Finland that accept Moniheli's mission and values. If you want to be an essential part of the Moniheli network and have an impact on its future, apply to become a member organisation!

Individuals, organisations, and companies can become supporting members.

We are happy to work with a wide range of partners, so please feel free to directly contact our staff.



Do you want to make your company or organisation visible at the most anticipated multicultural celebration of the year? Become a sponsor of the Multicultural Independence Day Celebration! With the support of your company or organisation, you are helping to make an event happen that's of great importance for many people. The event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Finland's independence in good company. We offer tailored benefits for sponsors, from VIP tickets to advertising space for your brand. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact our Executive Director, Abdirahim Hussein.

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Käsi, joka pitelee kynää pöydän päällä, jossa on papereita.

Work with us

Etsitkö harjoittelu- tai työkokeilupaikkaa? Otamme mielellämme nuoria osaksi dynaamista tiimiämme mm. viestinnän ja järjestön kehittämiseksi. Hae harjoittelijaksi alla olevasta linkistä tai keskustele vapaaehtoisesta yhteistyöstä toiminnanjohtajamme Abdirahim Husseinin kanssa.

Share and receive information

As a cooperation network, communication is an essential part of our work. Join the conversation, keep up to date, and share with your own network the good work of multicultural organisations, our statements, and invitations to the activities we organise. We are active on many channels - subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media!