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Moniheli is a multilingual and multicultural network. We work to ensure that different languages and cultures are respected and that everyone living in Finland has access to understandable information on important issues.


Our network is very diverse and rich in its cultures and languages. Moniheli itself is fully bilingual (Finnish and English) and we always aim to serve our target groups by providing information in an understandable language. This means, in varying degrees, both using plain language and producing translations in different languages.

We recognise the importance of culture and the arts for people's well-being and for dialogue between different groups.

With the help of the Member Association Grant, our member organisations have themselves explored the role of languages, culture and the arts in the integration and the well-being of the groups they represent.

Lapsia kuuntelemassa piirrustusta pitelevän henkilön esitystä.

Multicultural independence day

In 2020, the Multicultural Independence Day celebrations took place for the 14th time but for the first time online. The much-anticipated celebration is organised by Moniheli's network together with its partners. It is a celebration of both Finland's independence and our country's multiculturalism.

The multicultural Independence Day celebration brings people from different cultural backgrounds together to celebrate the diversity of independent Finland on December 6 each year. The event is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate Finland's independence, regardless of background: whether we were born in Finland, grew up here or recently moved here, we all have something to celebrate. Every year, Finland is becoming more diverse and cultural, and the Multicultural Independence Day celebrations reflect this!

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MIP 2021?

The 2021 celebration is still being planned in the shadow of the pandemic. If you have any questions or would like to make a presentation, please contact us:

Luam Michael, telephone: 0451846234, e-mail:

History of MIP

The Multicultural Independence Day celebration was first organised in Helsinki in 2006 in cooperation with a wide range of actors. The colourful celebration includes performances and speeches from different cultures and refreshments.

Over the years, the partners and the venue have changed, but the purpose remains the same: to organise an event where people from all backgrounds can celebrate their common, new or old, homeland, Finland.

Moniheli has been the main organiser of the celebration since its inception in 2010. Until 2018, the event was organised in collaboration with the Cultural Centre Caisa. Over the years, the event has been organised by many of our partners.

Until 2013, the event was held at the Caisa Cultural Centre, after which it moved to Helsinki City Hall. As Finland turns 100 years old on 6 December 2017, the Multicultural Independence Day Celebration also needed a dignified venue and we celebrated in Finlandia Hall. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 celebration was held online.

We have always wanted to invite both social decision-makers and multicultural youths to speak at the event. Over the years, speakers have included President Tarja Halonen and current Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

The event has seen a wide range of colourful performances by artists, performers and amateur groups from different cultural backgrounds.

Over the years, the number of participants has varied from around 200 to the 1500 who participated in the Finland 100 centenary celebration. The event has been popular every year, with places selling out in a matter of hours.