Moniheli on monikulttuuri-, maahanmuuttaja- ja kotoutumisen tukevien järjestöjen verkosto Suomessa.

Ihmisiä seurustelee tapahtumassa.
Moniheli ry is the core of Moniheli network. The network includes more than a hundred independent registered associations who share Moniheli's values and mission. Moniheli member organisations are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and elsewhere in Finland, such as Lappeenranta, Kemi, Turku and Vaasa. Overall the member organisations speak at least 60 different languages.

Moniheli's member organisations operate in many different sectors and levels in Finland. They maintain the culture, mother tongue and traditions of their communities in Finland, support the integration of immigrants into Finland, promote dialogue and inter-cultural understanding or organise cultural activities. The network also includes nation-wide and other organisations that want to offer opportunities for immigrants to participate in their activities or in society.

Moniheli supports the network's organisations in their activities and advocacy work to increase the inclusion of immigrants. Moniheli activities and services are open to everyone, but it is easier to be connected to and collaborate with member organisations. If you want to influence Moniheli activities, network development, or to apply for the Moniheli grant for your activities, become a member!

Kartta Suomesta, jossa näkyy Monihelin jäsenjärjestöjen sijoittuminen ympäri maata.


Moniheli is a fast-growing organisation with currently around 120 member organisations. You can find their profiles through the link.

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