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Paying wages and salaries (bonuses) can be challenging. The service, recently published in English, makes it easier to manage salaries and frees up time for the organisation's actual operations. In this online training, you can learn how to use the service and pay salaries and allowances.
8.6.2022 klo 17.00 – 19.00
Puun taimia
Moniheli, the City of Helsinki and HOAY invite you to plant tree saplings in Central Park! The event is open to the whole family and with us will be a representative of the Helsinki City Council
31.5.2022 at 14-16
Central Park
For Moniheli-grant recipients
The start event is for recipients of the 2022 Moniheli Grant. In the online session, we will review the content of the grant agreement and answer questions. Beneficiaries also have the opportunity to network and discuss cooperation with other beneficiaries. Participation is mandatory for first-timers and others desirable.
18.5.2022 at 17.00-19.00
For members
At the spring General Assembly meeting, the member organisations will approve the 2021 annual report and financial statements, as well as the administrative and financial rules for Moniheli, and grant discharge to the 2021 board of directors. A workshop will be held together with the Spring Conference, where member organisations will come up with trainings for them and their communities, which will be financially supported by the Citizens' Forum.
la 14.5.2022 klo 9.30 (10) – 16.00
Fingo Amazon meeting room (Elimäenkatu 25-27, 6th floor, 00510 Helsinki)
DigiUp-hankkeen digiosaamiskoulutus:
This training is for you if you want to learn what data protection and security mean in today's organizations.
You will learn the basic concepts of data protection and security. You will learn how to apply and recognize these in your own NGO work. The training is part of the DigiUp project's digital literacy training series to strengthen the digital skills of multicultural organisations.
Ti 24.5. klo 16-18