The purpose of the Moniheli ry is to promote the development of an increasingly multicultural society in Finland so that it is a good place to live also for our growing immigrant-background population.

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A network and an expert

Moniheli is both a cooperation network and an expert on multiculturalism, immigration and integration issues.

Moniheli works to develop multiculturalism, integration, immigration and equity. This can also take the form of separate projects and campaigns.

Our key themes:

  • housing 
  • education
  • health
  • digitalisation
  • inclusion
  • working life
  • culture and languages


The Moniheli network has grown steadily, especially as a result of increased immigration. Moniheli's member organisations have roots in around 40 countries. Moniheli is happy to cooperate extensively with different actors in society and is always open to new initiatives.


Multicultural network Moniheli enhances with its member- and cooperation network the integration and well-being of immigrants in order for them to become empowered and equal members of Finnish society.


Moniheli is a prominent and recognized nationwide multicultural network in Finland. We are the most influential civil actor advancing multiculturalism, immigrants’ equality and integration as well as an efficient guardian of interests. Network is actively open for new and different cooperation partners and ways.


Cultural diversity, equity and equality are all central values to Moniheli of which it strives to cherish in its network through community building and mutual respect. Moniheli expects dignity, good practices and transparency from all its members, employees and partners in all activities.


The board members are elected from among the member associations’ candidates for a two-year term at the general assembly. Each member may hold a position in the board for a total of four years.

Decision-making in the hands of multicultural representatives

Moniheli’s board convening in monthly meetings decides network’s course of action and on larger operative questions. The board members are elected according to the statutes from among the member associations’ candidates for a two-year term at the general assembly. Each member may hold a position in the board for a maximum of two years, a total of four years. The board members are mainly of migrant background.

Members of Moniheli, who must be registered associations, are approved by the board at monthly meetings. When applying for membership, please complete the joining form with the requested documents. We will contact you after accepting your application.

The form can be found here: Join as a member


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