The members of the Board are elected at the annual meeting from among the representatives of the member associations. The term of office of a Board member is two years. Each member may serve a maximum of four consecutive years on the Board.

Monihelin vuoden 2023 hallituksen jäsenet
Monihelin hallitus 2023

Monihelin hallitus 2023 

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The member organisations of the Moniheli, which must be registered associations, are approved at the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors. When applying for membership, please complete the Moniheli membership form accurately with the requested documents. We will contact you once your application has been approved.

The form can be found here: Join as a member

Decision-making in the hands of multicultural representatives

Moniheli’s board convening in monthly meetings decides network’s course of action and on larger operative questions. The board members are elected according to the statutes from among the member associations’ candidates for a two-year term at the general assembly. Each member may hold a position in the board for a maximum of two years, a total of four years. The board members are mainly of migrant background.


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