Counselling for associations

Moniheli supports multicultural associations' development and cooperation with each other and with other actors. On the other hand, we want to help foreign-language speakers and multicultural Finns to integrate and participate equally in society.

nainen neuvoo yhtä miestä ja kahta naista

Moniheli's activities are open to everyone, but member organisations are most closely associated with Moniheli, its projects and activities.

Only the member organisations:

 receive useful member letters via email
get access to member pages and materials
can influence the network e.g. as board members
can apply for a Moniheli grant for their activities

Learning opportunities

The trainings, learning groups and information sessions offered by Moniheli support the development of organisations in terms of administration, project planning, fundraising or communication. Member organisations can also learn from the materials on the Members' website. The materials include guides and instructions, a calendar of grant applications, tools for evaluating activities or tips for promoting events.

Renting of premises

Organisations can rent Moniheli's premises in Kalasatama harbour in Helsinki for meetings, training sessions or courses, for example. The use of the space is mainly free of charge for Moniheli member organisations. We also maintain a list of other venues where organisations can host activities.

Read more about the conditions and rules for using the space and book your time in the booking calendar!

Association clubs

Multicultural organisations can introduce themselves, share their best practices and get to know potential partners at Moniheli's Associations Club events. Each Associations Club is focused on a different theme related to third sector activities (in 2020, for example, men's well-being, mental health, employment assistance to support the work of organisations). The clubs are open to all. You can participate in Finnish and in English, on the spot or online.

Advice on organisational activities

We advise organisations face-to-face, by phone and by email. We help them to comply with the law, apply for grants, develop their activities and find partners. We can be called in to help spar if an organisation wants to improve its project plan.

Digital Support Service

Moniheli has launched a new digital support service in autumn 2021. It is open to all multicultural organisations and individuals who need help with different kinds of digital activities.

Strengthening cooperation

We offer various platforms and events where member and other multicultural organisations can network. We have a Facebook and WhatsApp group for member organisations. We also make the good work of multicultural organisations visible through our various communication channels, which reach thousands of followers and actors.