The aim of the Terkku project is to develop culturally sensitive outreach models for the prevention of non-communicable diseases among migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The project is funded by the Social and Health Organisations Assistance Centre (STEA) (2020-2022).


Contact information

Lauren Stevens

Lauren Stevens

Terkku Project Coordinator

+358 (0)50 544 1122

Emma Tamankag

Emma Tamankag

Project Coordinator, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer, nursing degrees 

+358 (0)40 652 6928

Jaana Tilli

Project Coordinator, Diak University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer, health degrees

+358 (0)40 751 0038

Outreach work

The Terkku project's outreach work is carried out in cooperation with Moniheli's member organisations as well as Diakonia and Laurea Universities of Applied Sciences. Students of nursing, health care, and business interpretation visit member organisations to design, test, and evaluate different models of culturally sensitive outreach work. This includes encounters with the target group at various low-threshold events. 

If you or your organisation could benefit from the Terkku project, please contact Terkku Project Coordinator, Lauren Stevens.

Ryhmä naisia kohottaa laseja
Students from Laurea together with actives from AFAES association in a joint event.

Below are the blog posts of by the students who participated in the 2022 experimental outreach work course. They will open in a new window.

Below are the blog posts of by the students who participated in the 2021 experimental outreach work course. They will open in a new window.

Cooperation forums

The aim of the cooperation forums is to bring together immigrants, health organisations and actors, immigrant and multicultural organisations, and professionals in the social and health care sector. These actors come together in the forum and work together as field experts on ideas on how to carry out preventive work on non-communicable diseases through outreach work with immigrants. 

Three cooperation forums will be organised during the Terkku project - in autumn 2020, autumn 2021, and autumn 2022.

ryhmä naisia kuuntelee kun opiskelijat pitävät esitystä
Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijoiden ja Monaliiku ry:n yhteinen hemoglobiinitapahtuma.

Cultural mediator training

Cultural mediator training 1.-2.11.2021

During the Terkku project, three cultural mediator trainings for professionals with an immigrant and/or multicultural background in the social and health care sector were organised in cooperation with Heed Association Finland.

The aim of cultural mediator training was to strengthen professionals' competence in multicultural and culturally sensitive work as well as to strengthen participants' ability to use their own multicultural background and competence in their work. The training also provided tools for working with different multicultural clients and dealing with racism in the workplace. 

Professionals who participated in the training have the ability to work as experts in multicultural work in their own work community. 

The trainer was Emmaculate Tamankag, who is a lecturer in nursing at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. She is also Chairperson of Heed Association Finland and Moniheli. She has years of experience in multicultural work in the social and health care sector.