Strength in diversity

Moniheli is a Finnish multicultural network which includes over a hundred member organisations. We support immigrant, integration and social inclusion and advance equity.


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”The Burnout Conversation”: Two-part workshop series

”The Burnout Conversation”: Two-part workshop series

Join our workshops series to collaborate with like-minded professionals and create a resilient NGO community.Read more

Programmes and projects

Katto-toiminnan logo.

The purpose of the Katto Programme is to prevent immigrant homelessness.


OmaPolku-hankkeen logo.

OmaPolku project supports young migrants in choosing a secondary education path.

The Kumppanuudessa project seeks to strengthen networking, cooperation and the receptiveness of society in the field of integration.

Mikki Sulle-Project strengthens the inclusion of young people growing up in two cultures in Finnish society.

The project integrates immigrants into Finnish nature and home gardens.

DigiUp-hankkeen logo.

The project will strengthen digital skills and provide and develop digital support that is clear and multilingual.

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