Regional elections 2022

The pre-election for regional elections is 12.1.–18.1. The main election day is 23.1.
The ministry of justice
The pre-election for regional elections starts today, on 12th of January. What are these elections about? What are wellbeing services counties and county councils? How can I find the best candidate for me? You can find answers to these questions and many more here!

What is a wellbeing services county?

There are 21 wellbeing services counties in Finland. In this election you can vote for a candidate in the county council. County council makes decisions about healthcare and social services, and emergency rescue services in your wellbeing services county.

What is a county council?  

County council consists of members of different political parties. They decide about the following things: 

  • Social- and healthcare services such as: child health centres, daycare for children, care services for the elderly, primary healthcare, specialist care and mental health and substance abuse services 
  • Emergency rescue services 
  • In short: services we all need and use 

How do I know who I can vote? 

You can vote for a candidate in your own wellbeing services county. You can find your wellbeing services county here:  


You can find all available candidates here: 


You can use an election compass to find the best candidate for yourself. When you open an election compass, you will at first choose your municipality. That way you can only see candidates available for you. The following link leads to YLE’s election compass, which is available in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, Northern Sami and Arabics. There are many other election compasses available, and you can use any one you want.

YLE election compass: https://vaalikone.yle.fi/aluevaalit2022/?lang=eng 

Why should you vote in the regional elections?  

  • These elections affect your everyday services 
  • If you don’t vote, you will not be heard 
  • Voting is a civic duty 


Useful links:

Regional elections in easy Finnish: https://selkokeskus.fi/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Aluevaalit_2022_selkoesite_fi.pdf 

FAQ about regional elections: https://vaalit.fi/en/frequently-asked-questions-about-the-2022-county-elections 

Information about regional elections in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, Northern Can we, Arabic old and Somalia: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-12176668#en 

List of election panels by social- and healthcare organisations (in Finnish): https://www.soste.fi/uutinen/aluevaalit-ovat-sote-jarjestoille-erittain-tarkeat-jarjestojen-sote-muutostuki-on-mukana-jarjestamassa-aluevaalipaneeleita-eri-puolilla-suomea/ 




What are general elections about?

In January, Finland's first regional elections will be held, in which county councils will be elected for welfare areas. The county council makes decisions on, for example, the care of the elderly and the operation of health centres and fire stations from March 2022 onwards. In the future, both primary health care, specialist care, and social services will be combined and managed as a whole, which will be a big change. Regional elections are held in all of Finland, except in Helsinki. In Helsinki services will change, but the municipality will still decide. Residents of Helsinki or Ahvenanmaa don’t vote in these regional elections. järjestetään Suomen ensimmäiset regional elections. Election select members wellness areas regional councilihino. Regioncouncil decide maaliskuun of 2022 from for example, the care of the elderly, health centres activity and rescue services. In the future wellness area come decide as well as basic-, that special medical treatment and social services. Regional elections considered everywhere ContinentalFinland Helsinki with the exception of. Helsinki in municipality remains decision-maker, although services change. Helsinki and Åland islands residents do not so get äänestää in the regional elections. 

By voting in regional elections, you can influence important issues that affect everyone's everyday life. The delegates elected in the regional elections will decide on the organization of local services in the welfare areas from the beginning of 2023.

Who can vote? Finnish citizens living in welfare areas who are at least 18 years old on election day 23 January 2022 are entitled to vote in regional elections. Also non-Finnish citizens can vote: you must have resided in Finland for two years as of 51 days before the election to vote, or for only 51 days if you are from an EU country. Non-Finnish citizens can also be candidates. In the election, you can vote either during the advance voting or on the actual election day. can äänestää? Hyvinvointi areas live Suomen citizens, who are at least 18 year latest election day 23.1.2022. Also other as Suomen citizen is right äänestää if they meet certain terms and conditions. Terms and conditions you can check tästä.

Candidates are nominated for the entire welfare area, voters only vote for candidates in their own welfare area, and the result is calculated for each welfare area. The regional election method is proportional, it is an open list election in the same way as in municipal elections. Proportional election method means that a party gets seats in the elected institution, in this case the regional council, in the same proportion as it receives votes in elections. If a party receives about 20% of the votes cast in an election, it should also receive about 20% of the seats to be distributed. Information on candidates for regional elections is published in the election information and results service: https://tulospalvelu.vaalit.fi/AV-2022/fi/ehd_listat_kokomaa.htm äänestää vain your wellness area candidates. For each wellness area järjestetään own erntenlaskenta. More information results calculation and elections you will get tästä.

We at Moniheli encourage everyone to vote in the regional elections! 

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