Working life

We work for equal working life. Our aim is to reduce the barriers to employment for foreign-language speakers and immigrants in Finland and we want to support them in their job search.


The employment of people with a foreign language or immigrant background is one of our most important projects in society. Finland is an ageing society, with large age groups retiring. We therefore have a considerable need for labour immigration and for people of foreign background already living in Finland to enter the labour market.

Our goal is an inclusive labour market in which foreign skills are also recognised and valued, and fluency in Finnish and Swedish is not a condition for employment.

The main challenges for immigrants in finding employment are: lack of language skills (80%), lack of professional networks (30%) and lack of work experience (25%).  Other challenges include lack of information about jobs in their field, lack of suitable vacancies, lack of understanding of the specificities of the Finnish labour market or not receiving any replies to their job applications and therefore not knowing what is wrong with their job search.

At Moniheli, we offer young people with a foreign language or immigrant background the opportunity to get to know Finnish working life or, for example, to do an internship at Moniheli.

We are involved in various advisory boards and lobbying work to influence employment opportunities for immigrants. We also support activities in our member organisations to promote employment for immigrants.

Useful information on workers' rights in Finland is available in a webinar by the Regional Administrative Offices (AVI) of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the recording of which is freely available. Moniheli will participate in a similar event in English on 11 November, which you can register for online.

Working in Finland project

The Working in Finland project developed models to promote the employment of highly skilled immigrants. The project was funded by the European Structural Funds.

Through the project, Moniheli met around 300 highly qualified international jobseekers over an 18-month period. We supported their job search through training, peer mentoring, CV clinics, coaching groups, individual counselling and numerous events. The mentors were highly skilled immigrants who were employed in their field.

Almost all participants valued the project as having helped them in their job search. We know that it has helped people to get jobs and work placements.

You can find the English language materials produced by the project below!