Our Planet, our responsibility -webinar in English

Everyday Sustainability actions. Climate change has severe consequences on our environment as well as people's health, but we can fight it together. Everyone can take climate action: come and learn about climate change and what to do about it! This event will be in held English.

Link to join Webinar: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85415626316

Thursday 2.12.2021 at 17-18.30


How does Climate change affect us? Why is it important for everyone to participate? What can we do to help? 

Climate change threatens life all over the world, and we are not immune to it. In fact, the temperature is rising more rapidly in Finland than in the world on average, and it can have severe consequences. This huge system of the atmosphere and long-term temperature can sound very distant, but it affects every single person on this Earth, and everyone is capable of making a change for the better.

Sustainability is the answer, and your everyday decisions are important. Come learn about climate change as well as easily approachable solutions. 

Our expert guest speaker Theresia Bilola talks about Climate change and everyday sustainability actions we can all do to help our planet! 

Theresia is a Sustainability Policy specialist and a trained Climate reality leader, and holds a PhD in Social Sciences. After her presentation you can ask any questions that are on your mind. 

We can all make a difference! One person can affect their community, a community can have an impact on their surroundings and local decisions, and local decisions can spread nationwide! Good examples and many small acts together can have a big difference. 

Let’s change the future together. 

The event is open to all. Welcome!   


Thursday 2.12. at 17-18.30. 


The webinar will be organized on Zoom.   

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