Luontokoti Project

There is room in nature for all of us

Anni Huovinen and Anna Anttonen, Luontokoti project
The Martha Organization
Nature is something we all share. Everyone has some kind of relationship with nature, no matter where they come from. When was the last time you took care of your relationship with nature?

Nature is a place that is dear and important to many people in Finland. It is the basis of well-being and helps people cope with everyday life.
You can spend time in nature in all seasons, in all weathers. There are as many ways to enjoy nature as there are people, and there are suitable forms of exercise for every season.

Everyman's right is a Finnish national treasure that allows everyone to enjoy nature, regardless of background or nationality. There are many good berries, mushrooms, herbs and other natural products in Finnish nature. Everyman's rights give everyone the right to collect the products and use them in cooking.

Nature is a great place because it can offer everyone exactly what they need at that moment. It helps you to relax and recover from everyday life, but it's also a place where you can release energy and work up a sweat. The key is for everyone to find a way to get outdoors and enjoy nature that suits them. In nature, there is space and opportunities for everyone to follow their own paths.

Spending time in nature has been proven to have many health benefits. It reduces physical pain, mental health problems and improves social well-being. Blood pressure is lowered, physical symptoms such as headaches are reduced and stress is relieved. Nature also stimulates the mind and exercise in nature feels lighter than exercise indoors. Even a short moment a day in a park or forest, for example, helps you feel better.

Nature also has a positive influence on how we interact with others. In a natural environment, interactions with other people are easier and relationships with others are perceived as more positive. Nature provides an excellent environment for people from different backgrounds and cultures to learn from each other and have fun together.

A strong relationship with nature is often thanks to parents who teach their children how to spend time in nature. The earlier a child gets used to being in nature, the more likely they are to want to look after it as an adult. Actions made now to protect nature and the climate are vital for future generations.

However, especially for adults who have moved to Finland, nature can be unfamiliar and feel unsafe, while children may find it easier to enjoy nature through a farm, school or hobbies.

Luontokoti project wants to provide opportunities for everyone to discover nature and all it has to offer, in a positive environment where everyone can be themselves and be treated as individuals. Through the activities carried out during the project, all parties involved learn something new from each other. If you would like to get involved in the project, take part in guided courses and excursions, or learn how to integrate your community into the local nature, the experts at Luontokoti are waiting to hear from you!

Your relationship with nature needs to be nurtured and maintained in the same way as any other relationship. Spring is the best time to do this, when nature wakes up after a long winter, streams flow, migratory birds return and the local nature is full of things to explore and wonder about. After a long dark season, the body and mind thirst for sunlight. Even a short stay in nature refreshes the body and mind.

When was the last time you took care of your relationship with nature?

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