The Citizen's Forum supports Moniheli member associations

Juke Luoma
The Citizen's Forum supports the course ideas of Moniheli's member organisations by distributing a €500 grant to selected organisations. See here the criteria for the grant and who received it!

The Citizens' Forum supports six Moniheli’s member organisations on self-designed training courses. Support of 500 € will be granted for the implementation of course activities to the following associations: Afrikkalaisten ja afrikkalais-eurooppalaisten yhdistys – AFAES ry, Etelä-Sudan ja Sudan Sawa-yhdistys ry, FIN POLAR kulttuurikeskus ry, Satakunnan monikulttuuriyhdistys ry, SR-keskus ry sekä Suomen somalinaisten kehitys ry.

The selected training courses are related to the community building and peer support, digital skills, human rights, Finnish language learning and art and culture studies. The following issues were emphasized in the selection of supported courses:

  •  We support a variety of course ideas, especially arts and cultural education and training to strengthen active citizenship, inclusion and community building.
  • We support courses in different parts of Finland
  • We support one course from each organization
  • The description of the course is clear and easy to implement
  • The course has clear educational goals (it is not an event)
  • The target group is already known and/or the marketing of the course is well planned
  • The training course is planned for 8 or more participants, and they are immigrants and at least 15 years old
  • The course will be implemented during the autumn of 2022
  • The duration of the training is 3-12 lessons (á 45 min.) with a maximum budget of 500 €.


There was a total of 14 applications. The ideas were diverse, and each course idea is worth further development. Although all courses did not receive funding this time, we warmly encourage you to continue planning.

For more information on funding decisions, please contact Maiju Hirviniemi by e-mail (maiju.hirviniemi@kansalaisfoorumi.fi)


Note! Courses that did not receive the funding can be implemented with the Citizens’ Forum basic course support. Check out the course support in Finnish from this link: https://kansalaisfoorumi.fi/tuki/jarjesta-kurssi/ or in English from this link: https://kansalaisfoorumi.fi/english/plan-a-course/ For more information on this funding: Minna Lepistö (minna.lepisto@kansalaisfoorumi.fi)

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