The Citizen's Forum is supporting financially Moniheli's member associations' educational activities - apply by June 5th

Is your member association interested in organising training on a topic of interest to you this year? The Citizen's Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi) is launching a call for course ideas from Moniheli member associations. The call is open until June 5. Some of the organisations that apply will receive support from the Citizens' Forum to run a training. Ideas that emerged from the network's morning workshop on May 14 have the best chance of being implemented.

For example, you can receive support for the salary of the trainer and the costs of training facilities and acquiring materials. The recommended duration of the training is 3-12 lessons (45 min. each) and the maximum grant is 500 € per course.  

At least eight people over the age of 15 must attend the training. The training is supported by the Finnish National Board of Education with a voucher benefit. Immigrants with a municipality of residence in Finland are eligible.


If the association is applying for more than one training idea, they must fill in the application for each training course.

Applicants will be notified of decisions on supported training ideas on 16 June, 2022. All association, that are chosen to be supported, are asked to attend an info-meeting through Zoom.

For more information, please contact Maiju Hirviniemi(maiju.hirviniemi@kansalaisfoorumi.fi), the education planners of the Citizens' Forum, and Minna Lepisto, contact person for Moniheli's member organizations (minna.lepisto@kansalaisfoorumi.fi).

Read more about the Citizen's Forum at www.kansalaisfoorumi.fi.



See the Powerpoint presentation below for more information on course search.

Esittely ja kurssien reunaehdot Moniheli pdf

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