Moniheli actively works to ensure that Finns with a foreign language or immigrant background participate equally in social activities and decision-making. Through our activities, we want to empower immigrants themselves to make a difference in different forums and issues.


Increasing the inclusion and integration of foreign language speakers

Moniheli aims to increase voter turnout among the foreign-language population. We have been working on this since 2012, first with iCount, then with Our Election campaign.

We have provided as much information as possible about the right to vote in different elections in Finland and the importance of voting. The information has been provided in different languages. We have actively sought to increase dialogue between foreign-language speakers and decision-makers, especially in the run-up to elections, so that foreign-language voters, whose issues are decided in politics, can also participate on an equal footing.

In the framework of Our Election campaign project, we organised an online Municipal Election Panel Tour in March-April 2021. We explored the themes of social diversity and internationalisation, as well as issues that affect everyone at local level.

Democracy education

Moniheli organises democracy education activities aimed at promoting participation and empowerment of migrants in Finnish society.

Democracy education activities were organised as national election panel tours called "Our Election" in 2015 and 2017, as activation workshops in 2019 to raise the concerns and aspirations of foreign language groups with election candidates and decision-makers, and from the end of 2019 as "City Democracy for All!" to create links and interactions between city decision-makers and foreign language speakers.

In 2021, due to the pandemic, our campaign was largely online.

Over the years, Moniheli's democracy activities have been supported by the City of Helsinki, the Finland 100 Jubilee Fund, the Ministry of Justice and ETNO, among others.

Kaksi iloista henkilöä pitelee Kaikkien vaalit -kylttiä.


Opposing racism in all its forms is at the heart of Moniheli's mission.

Moniheli coordinated an anti-racism project funded by the Ministry of Justice, which ended in August 2021. The project strengthened the capacity of local organisations to implement anti-racism activities in their communities with families and young people. 

We are strengthening the awareness of immigrant parents and families about anti-racism measures. In this way, the know-how is put into practice with children. 

We also strengthen cultural sensitivity and raise awareness of racism among young people in local communities.

The materials produced by the project will be available to all on this page soon!