Information about homelessness amongst the immigrant population

Statistics on homelessness among immigrants

The Housing Financing and Development Agency (ARA) publishes annual statistics on homelessness.  In the 2020 statistics , published in spring 2021, the number of immigrants who are homeless was lower than in the previous year. However, the proportion of immigrants among homeless people was relatively high. 22% of homeless people living alone and 60% of families were of immigrant origin. 

These figures are not precise as not all municipalities distinguish the background of homeless people in their statistics. According to the ARA guidelines:'' Immigrant background includes all people who are homeless and living alone and who are not Finnish citizens or whose mother tongue is not Finnish or Swedish. Immigrants can be identified from the Population Register by their mother tongue and place of birth.”

Foreign-language speakers account for around 8% of Finland's population, so immigrants are clearly over-represented in homelessness statistics. ARA compiles homelessness statistics on the basis of data reported by municipalities. These figures do not include undocumented people.

Below is the data on the development of homelessness among immigrants 2001-2020 for single persons and families, collected by Katto program from ARA statistics. For comparison, the graph also includes data for all single persons and families experiencing homelessness.

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Katto program's publications

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Authors: Turk, Jana B. & Ghazi, Duin

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Homelessness among immigrants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Study by Moniheli in cooperation with the PAAVO 2 programme of the Ministry of the Environment, 2014