Moniheli works on a variety of thematic areas to support people who are integrating, foreign-language speakers and multicultural. Moniheli actively monitors its own reference groups and aims to respond to needs swiftly, preferably in a proactive way.


Katto-toiminnan logo.

Your home is the first condition of the integration and the Katto Programme is tackling the problems related to homelessness.


OmaPolku-hankkeen logo.

We strive to provide also the youth with an immigrant background and those who speak a foreign language equitable opportunities to study what they want which leads to a career in their chosen field.

Käsi, joka pitelee kynää pöydän päällä, jossa on papereita.
Kaksi kasvomaskia päällekkäin.


We offer health-related information and support to people from immigrant backgrounds and foreign-language speakers.


DigiUp-hankkeen logo.

We want to strengthen the digital skills of organisations and foreign language speakers, and provide and develop clear and multilingual digital support.

Ylhäältä päin kuvattu pöydällä olevat kannettava tietokone, hiiri, puhelin, kamera ja kasvi.
Henkilö katsoo poispäin ja pitelee lappua, jossa lukee Olen aito savolainen, I too am Suomi.


We want to promote the participation of immigrants and foreign-language speakers in decision-making and advance equity in society.

working life

Moniheli is working to ensure that people who are integrating have access to paid work that matches their education and we want to end their discrimination in working life.

Kaksi naista juttelee aurinkoisen ikkunan ääressä.
Tanssija esiintymässä.

Culture and languages

We promote multiculturalism and equity in Finland and strive to ensure that information needed in everyday life is available in an understandable language.