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Info session: The Citizens' Forum's member benefits for Moniheli member associations

Does your association organise language courses, dance workshops, or other learning opportunities? Perhaps your members would like to learn as a group about a topic? The Citizens' Forum offers to Moniheli's member associations funding and other support for their activities. Come and hear more about them in this info session!

Tue 7.12. klo 17-18.30


Do you know about the Citizens' Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi)? The Citizens' Forum is an educational centre that supports the educational activities of associations. They offer pedagogical and financial support for the organisation of courses and learning groups.

Starting from January 2022, Moniheli is a member of the Citizens' Forum. Because Moniheli is a member, Moniheli's member associations can use the Citizens' Forum's services. Member associations can get from the Citizens' Forum:

  • financial support of different types to organise trainings, courses or learning groups,
  • guidance regarding planning and organisation of learning activities,
  • useful trainings about association activities, whose choice of topics you can influence,
  • cooperation for the organisation of cultural events and other events,
  • support in developing Digital Open Badges of competence,
  • the use of their training space in Sörnäinen, Helsinki at a reduced rate,
  • and much more!


During the info session, the Citizens' Forum's General Secretary Anneliina Wevelsiep will present the member benefits and how Moniheli member associations can access and use them. Welcome! The event will be held online in Zoom and in two languages (slides in two languages, spoken presentation language in Finnish, subtitles in English). After Anneliina's presentation, you can ask more in either language about the Citizens' Forum's services and tell about the activities you would like to organise with their support!

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