Strength in diversity

Moniheli is a Finnish multicultural network which includes over a hundred member organisations. We support immigrant, integration and social inclusion and advance equity.


31.5.2022 at 14-16
Central Park
In cooperation with the Citizen's Forum
8.6.2022 at 17.00 - 19.00
For Moniheli-grant recipients
18.5.2022 at 17.00-19.00


In cooperation with the City of Helsinki and HOAY
The environment and climate change affect us all, and each of us can do something about it. By planting a tree, you are doing an environmental act and at the same time getting to grow your own roots in this land.
The member organisations approved the 2021 annual report and financial statements, as well as the administrative and financial rules for Moniheli, at the spring General Assembly meeting in 14.5.2022, and granted discharge to the 2021 board of directors.
Is your member association interested in organising training on a topic of interest to you this year? The Citizen's Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi) is launching a call for course ideas from Moniheli member associations. The call is open until June 5. Some of the organisations that apply will receive support from the Citizens' Forum to run a training. Ideas that emerged from the network's morning workshop on May 14 have the best chance of being implemented.

Programmes and projects

Katto-toiminnan logo.

The purpose of the Katto Programme is to prevent immigrant homelessness.


OmaPolku-hankkeen logo.

OmaPolku project supports young migrants in choosing a secondary education path.

Terkku project to develop working models for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Mikki Sulle-hanke vahvistaa kahteen kulttuuriin kasvavien nuorten osallisuutta suomalaisessa yhteiskunnassa.

Hanke kotouttaa maahan muuttaneita suomalaiseen lähiluontoon ja kotipuutarhaan.

DigiUp-hankkeen logo.

The project will strengthen digital skills and provide and develop digital support that is clear and multilingual.