Meeting room

Organisations can rent Moniheli's premises for their meetings, trainings or courses. Our meeting room at Hermannin rantatie 12 B (Kalasatama) is particularly adapted to small meetings and trainings, but not to parties or banquets. Chromecast projector, screen and whiteboard are available. In addition to the 20 square meter meeting room, the premises are fitted with a kitchen with a fridge, freezer, coffee maker, kettle, serving dishes and a microwave oven. The premises are equipped with two toilets and a shower.

Moniheli member associations may use the space for two hours a week for free. Bookings over two hours are charged 10€ for every additional hour. 

For example, a two-hour booking will be free, a three-hour booking will cost 10€, and an eight-hour booking will cost 60€ (two first hours free, six additional hours at 10€).

If you would like to use the space for a project that would require many hours at a time, and if this project can be open to everyone or benefit the network's members, please get in touch! Such projects can be carried out in collaboration with Moniheli ry at a lower or no renting price.

Organisations that do not belong to the network are charged €20 per hour from the first hour. Contact us, if your event or project could be carried out in collaboration with Moniheli and therefore be hosted for a lesser charge or for free in our premises. 

You can request a booking directly using the calendar below. Moniheli's employees will confirm the reservation as soon as possible. Should you have any questions about the space, or if you would like to visit it prior to your reservation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

You can make a reservation directly from the reservation calendar below. Moniheli staff will confirm your reservation as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the space, you can come and visit us at the office. Don't hesitate to contact us!