Materials for your housing search

Useful links

InfoFinland's webpage on housing (Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, French, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian)

The Consumers' Union of Finland's guide to renting in eight languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, French, Somali, Russian)

Finnish landlord association's rent and a good way to (Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic and Russian)


Where you can look for housing

1) Municipal rental housing 

In large cities, there are many applicants for municipal rental housing. 

Housing is rented to those most in need of housing. 

If you are in a hurry to get a new home, tell about your situation in your housing application and explain why you are in a hurry. 

Remember to update the application! 

Municipal rental housing is intended for the residents of the municipality.

For more information on municipal rental housing, visit the municipalities' own websites. 

2) Other ARA- rental housing 

On average, rents for ARA rental housing are slightly lower than for private rental housing. There are income limits for ARA apartments.  

You can ask for ARA housing in the following places: 

3) Private landlords, i.e. individuals or rental housing companies

You can call or email the landlord directly. Tell the landlord about yourself and your housing needs.  

For a private landlord, it is important to find a reliable tenant who will take good care of the apartment. 

Information on available private rental apartments can be found on the following platforms: 

You can also search for rental properties on social media. On Facebook, for example, there are groups in different cities where people are looking to rent and find tenants.  

Companies who rent apartments:

4) Housing for young people aged 17-29 

Many cities also have a foundation that provides student housing. In Helsinki, student housing is rented by HOAS.

5) Supported housing  

If you need supported housing for a substance abuse or mental health problem, contact the homelessness services in your municipality. 

Aspa foundation's rental housing for people with disabilities and people with mental health problems. 

Help with a housing search

Places where you can get advice and guidance on housing for free. 


  • Monik ry's helpdesk  
    Puhos shopping center, Kastelholmantie 2 A, 00930 Helsinki, Finland 
    ma-pe klo 10-16 
    In addition to Finnish, advice is available in Somali, Dari, Pashto, Arabic and French.



  • Vantaa Järjestörinki 
    Vantaa Järjestörinki association has many advice points for immigrants. The services of the counselling centres are intended for all immigrants, regardless of their municipality of residence.The service is offered in very many different languages. 



Advice for young people (18-29-year-olds) 

Advice for women (especially immigrants) 

Advice on financial matters (e.g. rent debt) 

  • Municipal financial and debt advice 
    Find contact details for your local municipality's advisory service website. 
  • Takuusäätiö 
    Telephone helpline Monday to Friday 10am -2pm: tel. 0800 9 8009 (free of charge)

Tips for finding an apartment

  1. In Finland, you don't need an agent to find an apartment! You can contact landlords directly.
  2. Contact multiple landlords and fill in multiple rental applications for many different landlords.  
  3. Contact a landlord as soon as you see an apartment you are interested in. In large cities, rental properties are rented out quickly. 
  4. Search for an apartment in multiple neighbourhoods in different cities.
  5. Fill in the additional information field! Tell about yourself and your situation on your rental application. Who are you? Are you working or studying? Do you have a family? Do you have a pet? Do you smoke? Why are you looking for accommodation? Do you plan to live there for a long time?
  6. Ask a previous landlord for a reference and mention it in your rental application.
  7. Find a suitable apartment for yourself. Not too small, too big or too expensive!  
  8. If you receive housing benefit from Kela, check the rent limits set by Kela.
  9. Check whether you need to update your application every 3-4 months.